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The studio of Hecker Guthrie is a multi-disciplinary practice, based in Melbourne Australia.
Under the direction of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, the studio of Hecker Guthrie draws on the foundations and design principles that have been developed over the last decade of practice.

The work of Hecker Guthrie is driven by the principles of authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm. The studio’s approach is to create a unique identity for each project and this authenticity resonates not only in the design solution but in the selection of a natural palette of materials and the sharing of knowledge with craftsmen and women.
Their current body of work rests within the hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors. The studio work both locally and abroad and each design draws on their expertise in integrating interiors, building, objects and gardens. Hecker Guthrie understands the profound relationship that all of these disciplines have on creating cohesive, honest and authentic spaces.
A 17 person staff collaboratively share design inspiration and offer a wealth of interdisciplinary skills, drawing upon several areas of expertise: Interior Design, Building Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design and Styling. All backed up by a strong administrative support team.
Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie are highly respected representatives of the Australian design community, often called upon for judging and public speaking commitments. Their work is regularly published in design and lifestyle journals, books and blogs.


Hamish Guthrie

As founding director of Hecker Guthrie, Hamish Guthrie is often considered the taller and quieter of the pair. His calm demeanor lends itself to a considered approach to design which has resulted in a strong portfolio of much publicised and well awarded projects in the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors.

Hamish’s creative upbringing afforded him plenty of opportunity to design and build. He broadened his design vocabulary through a Bachelor of Arts –Interior Design (Hons) at RMIT and his strong architectural and design sensibility developed over the following years with sound mentorship and personal commitment to his craft.

As a highly regarded commentator in the field, Hamish is often called upon for speaking and judging engagements. He builds trust within his clients and an aesthetic kinship with the artists and collaborators that have brought a new creative energy to a number of Hecker Guthrie projects.

Hamish has a strong interest in art, food and wine, but travel is one of his main sources of inspiration. This inspiration is often found in many varying places and forms and serves to validate his existing design ideas. Through regular travel, Hamish has formed a clearer sense of his own aesthetic enabling a more profound sense of editing the experience; capturing those experiences which appeal to his design sensitivities and discounting quickly those that don’t.

Hamish’s spare time is spent engaging in research and spending time with his daughter and Interiors photographer wife; using his farm as an experimental tool for refining and exploring design, chopping wood and contemplating life’s curiosities.

Paul Hecker

Paul Hecker is one of the founding Directors of Hecker Guthrie and his enthusiasm for design and how people interact with interior spaces has only strengthened over his 20 plus years in the industry. Within the studio, Paul is a sound voice and worthy commentator on not just design, but life, fashion, politics and film. 

Humor and curiosity are key ingredients in Paul's design approach, resulting in a body of work that carefully balances considered spatial planning with a sprinkling of whimsy and craft.

Paul is an inquisitive traveler and delights in the serendipity that comes with such travels, particularly when churches and cemeteries are involved. He is an avid collector of “beautiful things” with a love not only of an  object but the story it tells.

When setting out to design a space, he asks not what the client wants it to look like, but how they want to make them feel.

Generous with his time and knowledge, Paul is the first to acknowledge brilliance by others, yet this harnesses a creative challenge which drives him to continue to be an arbiter of style and taste.


A selection of projects by Hecker Guthrie:




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